Credit Card Payments

We now have available the ability for you to pay online.

When you are reviewing our stock online there may  at times be some books that are out of stock. This maybe because the stock is on order or we may not have reordered that item. We are able however to order any stock that is still being printed so let us know if you want that item as in most cases we are able to get it within a week. If we can't we will let you know.

To make a purchase requires registration of your  details. Go to the login area and set up your account. Once registered add the books you wish to purchase to the cart and then checkout.

Your credit card details  and shipping address are also required

If you have any issues please let us know. For example at times our swipe system which handles our credit card payments indicates there may be problems. Please try again and generally your payment will be accepted.


Thank you for shopping with Books for Kids.

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